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Things here are bone brittle dry. I walked the pastures on Tuesday through baked brown grasses where all I heard was crunch, crunch, crunch under my feet. Thankfully, folks in our neighborhood honored the holiday quietly and didn’t spark any wildfires.

We were on tap to host a family reunion, but our house is too small to entertain a large group inside and at 104 degrees it was too hot to ask everyone to stay outside. So, the event has been postponed. Instead, we headed into town for dinner and then we parked our lawn chairs in a local cemetery for a great view of the fireworks. The bank thermometer read 91 at 9 p.m., but it was surprisingly comfortable.

To gussy things up for the Fourth, I made this sign.

Fourth of July Pinterest project.

It’s what happens when you noodle around on Pinterest and then make a shopping list for the hardware store. It came out nicely, I think.

In other news … I’ve signed up for Club Nationals, a triathlon event on Sept. 23 for triathlon clubs around the country. I’ll be representing Columbia Multisport Club along with 100 or so other CMC members. It sounds like a lot of fun. We had an informational meeting on Monday, and I started my training plan on Tuesday when I did a 1/2 mile pool swim and later in the evening ran hill repeats with an Ultramax training group. This morning I hoped to meet up with Joe Company of Endurance Company who’s written the CMC Nationals Training Plan, but in my hurry to get there on time I misread where we were meeting. So, I ended up running solo through the streets of downtown Columbia. It was a pretty nice place to be at 6 a.m. And I found a $10 bill on the sidewalk to boot! I used it to buy a nice latte from Coffee Zone.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a summer morning.


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