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Gratitude day #4

Today was the first time in sixth months that I’ve come home and wanted to run. Not for my mental health, not because I felt I had to for my physical health, but because I wanted to. For fun.

Well, not a giggly, frolicking kind of fun. A more subdued, quiet form of fun followed by a hot soaking bath laced with epsom salts.

It’s taken me six months to get to week 7 on the Couch to 5k app. There’s been quite a bit of a repeating of weeks. But last night I could run four minutes and walk two minutes with no problem. In fact, it was easy. Enjoyable. Fun.

I am grateful that I stuck with the program. I’m sure there are plenty of un-fun runs ahead, but now I have a good memory of a fun one to tuck in my back pocket.


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