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Detox and doughnuts

Breaking the fast

I made the required three weeks of my detox diet. No caffeine, no alcohol, no flour, no sugar. I dropped seven pounds, but not graciously.

I’ve tried to ease back into a “regular” diet. Granola for breakfast, soup or salad for lunch, and a smoothie for supper. Hot water to drink. This morning, though, I celebrated with doughnuts and cafe au lait.

The recipe for the spiced doughnuts came from Top Pot: Hand-Forged Doughnuts. Top Pot is a Seattle specialty, and they recently published a cookbook. I tried the master recipe for spice doughnuts, chilled the dough overnight, then fried them up this morning. The tricky part was getting the very soft dough into the very hot oil – some of my doughnut shapes didn’t turn out very round. After bubbling away in the hot oil until they were a nice golden brown on both sides, I tipped each doughnut into a bowl of cinnamon sugar.

Once they all cooled, breakfast was served.

The doughnuts were pretty good. Not as great as my flour and sugar-deprived mind had dreamed they would be, though.

A few hours later, I headed into town for a swim. I managed 1,100 yards today. I’m getting better. Still, I’m not sure I’m up for even a sprint tri. I checked the results of last year’s race: 10 minutes in the pool, 45 minutes on the bike, and 25 minutes for the run. I can’t do any one of those things in that timeframe right now, let alone all three at a whack.

After my swim, I had to come home and take a nap.

I may not be triathlete material.


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