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We have a dirt on our farm. A lot of dirt. Not great dirt, not even good dirt. We have clay, a heavy soil that is not beloved by many plants. My garden dirt, now frozen, has been blessed with loads and loads of compost, making it better dirt.

Still, there are a lot of folks with no dirt. And even for folks like me, there are the lean winter months with low light and frozen ground.

Right now a miniature garden is growing on top of my fridge – a spicy salad mix of micro greens that will be ready to harvest (with a pair of scissors) in a matter of days.

Still, today’s TED Talk has me intrigued. Maybe I’ll line my huge, south-facing window with plastic bottles and fall asleep to the hum of an air pump. It would be nice to harvest fresh greens in the dead of winter. Dare I dream a winter dream of peas, tomatoes and strawberries?


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