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Almost Halloween

The garden is dying, as is the yard. Even the trees are suffering with brown leaves.

Last night the barn cat lay spread long on the concrete floor of the barn, her mouth open as she panted. You can hear the chickens panting before you go into the chicken house. The calves’ backs are damp and the cows flanks are hot to the touch. No one is comfortable.

I pulled up the zucchini, which produced beautifully this year. As did the cucumbers. I pulled up the dead vines of summer and winter squash that did not produce anything but mushy fruit. Into the compost pile went the bug eaten eggplants.

The only thing that came up fruitful was the pumpkin crop. I picked more than 20 sugar pumpkins. Because we had fired up the bread oven this weekend, I sliced the pumpkins in half, pulled out the seeds, and set the halves cut side down on cookie trays. Then I slid the pumpkins into the bread oven where they cooked for an hour or so. Once the pumpkin seeds were dry, I sprinkled them with salt and olive oil and spread them in thin layers on cookie sheets as well. They went in the oven next to the pumpkin halves. Out came pounds of cooked pumpkin for pureeing and freezing, as well as a big bag of toasted pumpkin seeds for snacking.

It smelled like Halloween.

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