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Thoreau was right, you know.

A man (or woman) shouldn’t own a farm. It can feel like a burden, a cross to bear. It’s a job that requires another job to keep it going. This time last year I was ready to move to the greener grass on the other side of the fence in town where life would be simple. I could go to the grocery store every day, go to a movie every night, walk to the farmers’ market, ride my bike to work, sleep in on a rainy Saturday.

Instead we spent a week in Wyoming where it was 40 degrees at night. It helped and I survived the rest of summer.

This summer I have fared better. I’ve found a better balance. I go into town two or three times a week for yoga and I get together with friends for knitting talk and coffee on Saturday mornings.

I’ve taken the task of weeding the garden and broken it into weedable chunks – an hour here, an hour there. My garden will never make Martha Stewart Living, but I canned 24 pints of bread of butter pickles from the cucumbers I picked and there’s a promise of more.

I’m letting the calves take all of the evening milk – nursing the cows dry. It’s kept the milk levels in the fridge manageable and I’ve been able to make butter and yogurt every week.

We’ll see how town looks at the end of today when I’ve spent 8 hours on a tractor cutting the hay that didn’t get cut before the rains came and John had to leave town. The heat index is to top out at 107. I’ve got the water jug at the ready and a cowboy hat by the door. If the redtails, swallows and the crippled coyote who often comes out to hunt for rats come out, I doubt I’ll give my friends, tucked into comfortably into houses where the AC blasts, a second thought.


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