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The first of the garden's harvest.

This morning I padded out to the garden while the calves were nursing their moms. The sun wasn’t fully out and it was hot and still. I stood quietly by the last row of tomatoes, now staked to a 16’ cattle panel. Not two feet my from face a female cardinal perched on the top of the panel and let out a quick trill. Moments later a male landed even closer. He turned his head to look at her, then turned his head and looked at me. I swear, he said, “Oh my!” and off they both flew.

It’s amazing what you can see even in dim light if you stand perfectly still.

The garden is coming along beautifully, though so are the weeds. I picked my first zucchini today – a globular variety called Piccolo that I got from Territorial Seed. For dinner we had a meal made up of ingredients off our farm – rib-eye steaks, fresh asparagus, and zucchini pancakes.


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