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Tonight I came home from work and put together another hive body super for my new hive of bees. It’s been cold, so they’ve slowed down some. But as soon as it warms up, I want them to start drawing comb on another deep super. My older hive needs a honey super, but again, I’ll wait till it’s warm. Don’t want the colonies to catch a chill.

Assembling frames is sure a nice way to get a bit of aromatherapy. I’m not sure what smells better than beeswax. I had cleaned up the frames over the weekend, so all I needed to do was put in the foundation. It was very relaxing, standing at the workbench, easing the wax into place, nestling the wooden wedge against the top of the frame and the edge of the wax and then tapping the nails into place.

These are the same frames John used some 30 years ago when he kept dozens of hives of bees. Now there are just two hives. But it’s enough workers to pollinate the garden and keep us in honey for a year.

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