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Julia continues to up the ante.

She started out not wanting to lead, so we began using nose tongs. She now leads like a dream.

Then she started yanging her head out of the stanchion head catch. She’s got scuff marks on both sides of her face from her efforts. So John padded the head catch with styrofoam “noodles.” That put a stop to the yanging.

But this evening she pitched a hissy before I took her halter off, so I let her stand a minute to calm down. She threw her whole weight against the head catch, but with the thick padding it no longer hurts, so instead she went down on her knees and refused to stand up. I opened the head catch and she knelt there a few minutes before flying out backwards.

She’s belligerent. A contrarian.

I don’t think I’m going to deny her the kneeling. Apparently she needs a quirk to call her own. As long as she doesn’t do it while I’m milking, I’ll let her keep it. Sure looks weird, though.

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